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Eric Bachmann is Crooked Fingers. Formerly however, the soul-searching songwriter was frontman forthe rousing college-rock outfit Archers of Loaf. After Archers was dissolved in 1998, Bachmann birthed the Crooked Fingers project, which has persisted longer than his previous beloved incarnation, and seen more widespread creative changes. Heavily influenced in mood by Leonard Cohen and even Neil Diamond, Bachmann uses Crooked Fingers to explore introspective terrain that is the antithesis of his more youthful efforts. And after two records on the Warm label that saw him struggling to find a newly rustic voice, Crooked Fingers then moved to indie staple Merge and released the imaginatively interpretive covers collection RESERVOIR SONGS, and what would become Bachmann’s moribund masterpiece, RED DEVIL DAWN. A move to completely independent status followed 2005’s DIGNITY AND SHAME, including a 2006 album under Bachmann’s given name.

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