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Sounding like a relic of an era when fuzz-drenched hard rock was delivered with greasy swagger and reckless abandon, Crobot were formed in 2012 by guitarist Chris Bishop and singer Brandon Yeagley. From their home base of Pottsville, Pennsylvania, the pair self-released an EP, The Legend of Spaceborne Killer, before solidifying their lineup with brothers Jake and Paul Figueroa, who handle bass and drums, respectively. Crobot set about refining their crunchy, riff-driven sound, and in 2013 they signed on with Wind-Up Records, which released the quartet's groove-heavy, self-titled EP in 2014, followed in October of that year by their debut studio long-player Something Supernatural. Their second full-length, Welcome to Fat City, was released in 2016 via Nuclear Blast. ~ Gregory Heaney

Pottsville, PA