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Formed in 1991 by vocalist/rhythm guitarist Anton Reisenegger (who had previously fronted a hugely influential underground band known by the popular metallic moniker of Pentagram) and lead guitarist Rodrigo Contreras, Chilean death metal band Criminal made a statement with its very first show opening for German thrashers Kreator. Three years later, after two demos and now completed by bassist Juan Francisco Cueto and drummer J.J. Vallejo, Criminal unleashed its first album, Victimized, before embarking on the band's first live dates outside Chile. Now really gathering steam (despite continual comparisons to Brazilian death gods Sepultura), the band brought in new drummer Jimmy Ponce for 1996's Live Disorder EP and 1997's widely acclaimed Dead Soul LP, which was subsequently licensed worldwide by Metal Blade Records. This fruitful relationship later yielded another live release (1998's oddly named Slave Master), 2000's cheerily named Cancer, and, after a strategic relocation to Europe, 2004's more original No Gods No Masters, introducing new members Mark Royce (keyboards) and Zac O'Neil (drums). The hard-hitting Sicario dropped in 2005, followed in 2009 by White Hell, and in 2011 by Akelarre. Fear Itself, the band's eighth studio long player, was released in 2016. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

    Santiago, Chile

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