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CRC Music’s success on the global stage demonstrates that South Africa has become a key incubator for contemporary praise & worship in the 21st century. Storming out of the gate in 2017 with Explosion, a debut that possesses all the self-confidence of a veteran worship team, CRC Music excel at cultivating a truly pluralistic sound rooted in scripture. Inspirational sing-alongs informed by folk music and indie pop stand comfortably alongside sanctified hard rock and even ecstatic dance pop. This sonic variety—which kicks into overdrive on 2020’s Heaven on Earth—directly reflects the cultural diversity that is fundamental to the Christian Revival Church’s identity. Founded in 1994 by pastors At and Nyretta Boshoff, the church has grown into an international organization, one that encompasses nearly 100 campuses both in and outside the borders of South Africa. One of the CRC’s guiding mottos is “one church, many locations,” but given the sheer sonic breadth of their praise & worship, it could easily be tweaked to “one church, many sounds.”

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