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Cowboy Junkies

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A unique and enduring band in alternative rock, Cowboy Junkies had their roots in traditional folk, blues, and country music, and performed with a languid pace that belied the slow-burning passion of their performances. The honey-infused, ethereal whisper of lead singer Margo Timmins was matched by the spare but thoughtful accompaniment of guitarist Michael Timmins, bassist Alan Anton, and drummer Peter Timmins. Their most successful recordings played heavily on these dynamics (1988's The Trinity Session and 1990's The Caution Horses), documented in a naturalistic and unobtrusive manner. 1996's Lay It Down found them adding rock guitars to their formula, as 1998's Miles from Our Home embraced a more polished production style without spoiling their formula. The four-part Nomad Series issued between 2010 and 2012 saw them giving themselves permission to explore unexpected directions, and 2022's Songs of the Recollection was an homage to some of their favorite songwriters.

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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