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Cotton Jones Basket Ride materialized in 2007 as a vehicle for Maryland-based singer/songwriter Michael Nau after his popular indie rock outfit Page France decided to take a break. Mining the same mildly psychedelic indie pop territory as his previous project but with a decidedly more folky, experimental bent, Nau and bandmate Whitney McGraw released three EPs under the moniker on Quite Scientific Records, including an initial limited self-titled installment that quickly sold out, followed by two "art book" EPs, The Archery and The Ranger. After dropping "Basket Ride" from the name, Cotton Jones released Paranoid Cocoon for new label Suicide Squeeze in early 2009, followed by Tall Hours in the Glowstream a year later. The EP Sit Beside Your Vegetables arrived in 2011. After a break from recording, during which the duo were married and started a family, Nau gathered a selection of abandoned material from the previous several years and turned them into completed songs for a solo album. Featuring a serene mood and nature themes, Mowing was released in early 2016, also on Suicide Squeeze. ~ James Christopher Monger & Marcy Donelson


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