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Clear, expressive, songwriting and light-as-air vocals have taken Cosy Sheridan from the folk music coffeehouses of northern New England to stages and festivals across the United States. A past winner of the "New Folk" award at the Kerrville Folk Festival and the "Troubadour" award at the Telluride Festival in Colorado, Sheridan has continued to evolve as a tunesmith since moving to the canyon country of Moab, Utah in 1994. A native of New Hampshire, Sheridan hails from a musical family. As a youngster, she studied classical piano and played oboe in public school. Sheridan discovered her natural musical voice, at the age of nine, when she picked up an acoustic guitar and began to play contemporary folk songs. Although she briefly attended Amherst College and the University of New Hampshire, Sheridan dropped out of school to play in the folk clubs of New Hampshire and Maine. She continued to sharpen her skills after moving temporarily to Boston and studying with influential guitarists Guy Van Duser and Eric Schoenberg. The most important breaks of Sheridan's career came, in 1992, when she won prestigious songwriting awards at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas and the Telluride Festival in Colorado. A sampling of songs from her first two albums -- Quietly Led and Saturn Return-were reprised on Sheridan's 1996 live album, One Sure Thing, recorded during performances at Utah State University in Logan, Utah, Clayton Auditorium in Salt Lake City, Utah and Club Passim in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Sheridan's 1998 album, Grand Design, reflected on her adopted home of Utah. Anthymn followed two years later. ~ Craig Harris

United States of America
December 11, 1964