Conrad Schnitzler
Conrad Schnitzler

Conrad Schnitzler

About Conrad Schnitzler

A veritable institution in the German electronic music scene, Conrad Schnitzler has had a career stretching back to the mid-‘60s when he studied under Joseph Beuys, one of the post-war era’s most significant conceptual artists. Applying his mentor’s groundbreaking notions of “social sculpture” to the sphere of electronic music, performance art, and beyond, Schnitzler’s prolific presence and perseverance in underground music, cassette culture, and performance art has served as a model for a generation of independently-minded artists and D.I.Y. producers. Swept up by the countercultural tide of the late-‘60s, Schnitzler help found the Zodiak Free Arts Lab, a short-lived but influential Berlin venue for experimental music and art performances. There, he struck up an association with fledgling electronic rock band and Zodiak regulars, Tangerine Dream, lending his wildly experimental textures to their epochal debut album, ELECTRONIC MEDITATION (1970). By the early-‘70s, he was plying his proto-industrial sensibilities to early albums by the legendary Krautrock group, Kluster. In coming decades, Schnitzler remained an influential but shadowy figure, performing infamous public art “actions” and self-releasing limited-run, homebrew cassettes and CDs--documenting a remarkably diverse range of styles from oddball synth pop to harsh power electronics.

    Düsseldorf, Germany
  • BORN
    March 17, 1937

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