Coheed and Cambria
Coheed and Cambria

Coheed and Cambria

About Coheed and Cambria

Achieving mainstream success as a sci-fi-inspired prog band, Coheed and Cambria have landed six consecutive albums in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 chart.

∙ Frontman Claudio Sanchez created the The Amory Wars as a universe for the band’s music, and all of their early releases were concept albums tied to the series’ story arc.
∙ Coheed and Cambria was originally intended to be an acoustic/electronic side-project of the group Shabütie.
∙ The group’s musical influences include Jimi Hendrix, Poison, Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, and Pink Floyd.
∙ They recorded the single “Deranged” exclusively for the video game Batman: Arkham City.
∙ During 2008’s Neverender tour, they played their entire catalog over four successive nights, with the performances documented in a limited-edition CD/DVD box set.
∙ Adding to the comic books and novels related to The Amory Wars, Sanchez launched a line of action figures in 2020.

    Nyack, NY

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