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A founding member of the Incredible String Band, Clive Palmer has continued to explore the folk traditions of Scotland as a soloist and with his bands, the Famous Jug Band and Clive's Original Band. In 1999, Palmer reunited with fellow Incredible String Band founder Robin Williamson to tour the United Kingdom and record two duo albums: At the Pure Fountain and Just Like the Ivy. It marked the first time in more than three decades that the two musicians collaborated. Palmer and Williamson first came together during the British folk revival of the early '60s. In 1963, several tracks from their performance at the Edinburgh Folk Festival were featured on a multi-artist compilation issued by Decca. They continued to perform as a duo after forming the Incredible String Band in 1965. They recorded their first album as a band after being joined by multi-instrumentalist Mike Heron. As Joe Boyd, owner/producer of Elektra recalled, "they were taking Scots songs that hadn't necessarily made the trip over the Appalachians and playing them as if they had." Soon after the album's release, Palmer left the group and moved to India. Returning to the U.K., Palmer formed the Famous Jug Band with vocalist Jill Johnson, guitarist Pete Berryman, and jug player Henry Bartlett. The sole album by the group, Sunshine Possibilities, was released in 1969. A year later, Palmer formed Clive's Original Band with banjo player John Bidwell and percussionist Mick Bennett. The group's debut album, Spirit of Love, released in 1971, was followed by Moyshe McStiff and the Tartan Lancers of the Sacred Heart in 1972. Six years later, Palmer played guitar on Pete Berryman's album And Guitar.

London, England

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