Claw Boys Claw

Latest Release

  • OCT 1, 2021
  • KITE
  • 16 Songs

About Claw Boys Claw

God help the beast in Claw Boys Claw, for they are the expert representatives of a truly deranged performance mentality. On-stage, the band's main attraction is lead singer Peter Te Bos, quite possibly a species of the same breed as Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Nick Cave circa the Birthday Party, and Stooges-era Iggy Pop. Obviously inspired by these better-known U.S. colleagues, between 1983 and 1997 Claw Boys Claw succeeded in carving their own piece of garage rock and punk blues. Although never officially disbanding, nothing was heard from them thereafter until a 2007 live reunion and a new album, 2008's Pajama Day. ~ Quint Kik

Amsterdam, The Netherlands