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About Clan Destined

Both DJs, producers, and lyricists, AmDex and DT (Dustin Teague) founded Clan Destined in Atlanta in the summer of 2002. Although they were both originally from North Carolina, they first met each other at Morehouse College (though AmDex was actually attending Georgia State University) that same year. AmDex and DT utilized their turntable and production skills to build their larger collective Vinyl Junkie Clique and VJC Recordings label before hitting the hip-hop underground with their debut album Abbracadamn!!! in 2007. Released by Orlando, FL-based label Domination Recordings, the album's hard boom-bap thump recalled their early-'90s influences of D.I.T.C. and Organized Konfusion, but the duo's richly textured beats and conceptual lyrics revealed their OutKast- and A Tribe Called Quest-like approach to their music. Later in 2007, major independent rap label Rawkus hand-picked Clan Destined to be featured in their "Rawkus 50" project, labeling them as one of the top 50 indie rap prospects in the country. Consequently, that November Rawkus issued their And for Our Next Trick... EP which contained seven remixes from their debut in addition to three new songs. ~ Cyril Cordor

Atlanta, GA
Jun 2002