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Seattle's Citizens & Saints formed in 2011 under the moniker Citizens around the talents of Zach Bolen, Nathaniel Furtado, Adam Skatula, Brian Eichelberger, and Spencer Abbott. The CCM group blended inclusive faith-based themes with melodic, emotionally intense alt-rock that took cues from post-punk and Americana. Initially affiliated with Mars Hill Church, where Bolen was a deacon, the group issued its eponymous debut long-player as a joint effort between Mars Hill and BEC Recordings in 2013. Both Bolen and the band broke from Mars Hill the following year, changing their name to Citizens & Saints and releasing their follow-up LP, Join the Triumph, this time solely through BEC. A Mirror Dimly, the band's third studio long-player, dropped in 2016, followed by the five-song In Part EP in 2017, the latter marking their debut for Gospel Song Records.

Seattle, WA