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Aptly named, Finland's Circle emerged in the early 1990s with an elliptical approach to experimental rock. Combining ambient, jazz, psychedelia, Krautrock, heavy metal, new wave, progressive, and post-rock, the group's mercurial sound is similar to English and U.S. post-rock and electronics-fueled instrumental acts such as Loop, Surgery, Trans-Am, and Tortoise, but has remained wildly idiosyncratic over the decades. They have released scores of EPs, LPs, and live albums since issuing their debut, Meronia, in 1994 -- their 32nd studio effort Terminal was issued in 2017 -- and have collaborated with a host of like-minded artists, including Sunburned Hand of the Man (2007's The Blaze Game) and Richard Dawson (2021's Henki).

Pori, Finland

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