About Cidergirl

The members of the Japanese rock outfit Cidergirl never appear in the media, choosing instead to represent the band in their music videos with a different young woman each year.

∙ Before Cidergirl formed in 2014, singer Yurin was an active performer on Japanese video-sharing sites, while guitarist Chi and bassist Fujimura were part of the country’s Vocaloid community.
∙ Following a series of well-received independent releases, the band signed to Universal and dropped their major-label debut single, “Ever Green,” in 2017.
∙ All three of their albums—Soda Pop Fanclub 1, Soda Pop Fanclub 2, and Soda Pop Fanclub 3—have landed on the Japanese charts.
∙ The band has written theme music for numerous popular TV anime and drama series, including “ID” (for Fire Force) and “Clover” (for Toritsu Mizusho!: Reiwa).

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