Chris Liebing
Chris Liebing

Chris Liebing

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Known for his prominence on Frankfurt's dance music scene since the early '90s, Chris Liebing is a German techno producer, DJ, and label owner. He helped establish a hard minimal techno sound with his Audio imprint during the late '90s, then formed his influential CLR label and released the raucous and eerie 2003 full-length Evolution (co-produced by frequent collaborator André Walter) as well as 2005's Collabs 3000: Metalism (with Speedy J). Liebing's sound gradually became more spacious and atmospheric, and he worked with co-producer Ralf Hildenbeutel on two eclectic, guest-heavy full-lengths for Mute, 2018's Burn Slow and 2021's Another Day.

    Giessen, Germany
  • BORN
    December 11, 1968

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