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Hailing from St. Louis, Chris Bandi proves that you can be a city boy and still find a home in country music. A singer and songwriter with a knack for personal stories and an evocative, slightly sandy voice, Bandi found an audience for his music with the 2017 digital smash "Man Enough Now." Influenced by rock, pop, hip-hop, and R&B as well as country, Bandi's music reflects his wide-ranging tastes, with the electronic beats and Auto-Tuned vocals of "Only One," the reggae-accented rhythms of "Rain Man," and the sleek pop production of "Gone Girl" confirming he's not just another country artist.

Chris Bandi was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and listened to an eclectic variety of music growing up. Bandi's father enjoyed a wide variety of pop and rock sounds — his favorite artists included Bruce Springsteen, Prince, Cat Stevens, and Michael Jackson — while his mother preferred country singers like Randy Travis, George Strait, and Garth Brooks. As he grew into his teens, Bandi spent more time enjoying artists that appealed to his own tastes, such as St. Louis rapper Nelly, R&B stars Usher and Bruno Mars, and pop-punk band Fall Out Boy. By the time he was in high school, Bandi had learned to play guitar and formed a band who performed regularly at clubs and bars in the St. Louis area. After completing high school, Bandi attended the University of Mississippi, where he studied marketing. But he still had an eye on making a career in music, and during summer breaks he went to Nashville to play small shows and make connections in the business.

Shortly after Bandi graduated, he took the plunge and moved to Nashville to follow his dream full-time. Bandi first made an impression as a songwriter; within a few months of settling there, he began writing with established tunesmiths such as Monty Criswell and Shane Minor, and recognizing Bandi's talent as a vocalist, Criswell took him into the studio to sing on his publishing demos. Through his colleagues in publishing, Bandi was introduced to producer Julian King, who saw his potential as a recording artist. In September 2016, Bandi released his debut single, "Man Enough Now," inspired by his own experiences with relationships that went sour. Several months later, the song became a digital hit, and in June 2017, when Bandi signed a publishing deal with BMG, the song had been streamed more than 12 million times. By that point, Bandi had already issued a follow-up single, "Gone Girl," which was issued in February 2017 and soon racked up over two million streaming plays. Between an increasingly busy touring schedule and his work as a contract songwriter, Bandi still found time to release fresh material; he dropped two singles in June 2018, "Ran Man" and "Only One," while the deeply introspective "Why I Don't Drink" was posted in November 2018.

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