About Chixdiggit

Originally using the future band moniker merely as an excuse to sell T-shirts with "Chixdiggit!" in cheesy metal logos, these guys figured that they should at least start a group with that name. So in 1991, without any musical experience or ability to read music, Mark O'Flaherty (guitar), K.J. Jansen (vocals/guitar), and Michael Eggermont (bass) got together with the intention of rocking out Calgary along with the rest of Canada. For the next couple of years to come, Chixdiggit! would go through an array of drummers before settling down with Jason Hirsch the following year. Armed with a bratty Ramones-influenced pop sound, they took their antics across Canada and the northwestern United States for the next couple years before releasing their first album on Sub-Pop in 1996. Even though the self-titled album was a critical hit and gave them worldly recognition, it didn't go along with the musical direction that Sub-Pop wanted to take. Not too long after Chixdiggit! and the label parted ways in 1997, they were immediately signed to Honest Don's Records. Their second album, Born on the First of July, was eventually released the next year. Their sophomore effort, From Scene to Shining Scene, was released in mid-2000. While staying true to their pop-punk roots, the band showed some signs of slowing in the 2000s. After a five year break, Pink Razors appeared in April 2005 on Fat Wreck. Following another hiatus, in 2011, the band regrouped for the Safeways Here We Come EP. ~ Mike DaRonco

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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