About Cheri

This soul duo comprised Rosalind Milligan (b. Chicago, USA) and Amy Roslyn. The act was formed to promote the single ‘Murphy’s Law’, which was a transatlantic Top 40 hit in 1982. The song, best remembered for its sped-up vocal chorus, had been written by Rosalind’s mother, singer Geraldine Hunt, and co-produced by her brother Freddie James, himself a recording artist. It featured the voices of then 16-year-old Milligan and friend Lyn Cullerier. Miss Hunt, who was studying law, had previously sung backing vocals on some of her mother’s recordings. Roslyn, who had been a jingle singer, toured in Jesus Christ Superstar and even sang with classical orchestra leader Arthur Fiedler. Neither their follow-up, ‘Come And Get These Memories’, nor any other singles made any impact.