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Charlotte de Witte

Charlotte de Witte

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Belgium's Charlotte de Witte produces dark, driving techno that focuses on stark, pounding rhythms, occasionally incorporating shreds of haunting melodies or vocals, as on EPs such as 2018's The Healer.

Born in Ghent, de Witte first started to DJ in 2010, when she was 17. She initially adopted the pseudonym Raving George so that people would concentrate on her DJ skills rather than her gender. Initially, she played electro-house and EDM, and got her first big break by winning a Studio Brussel DJ contest and spinning at the Tomorrowland festival in 2011. She returned to the festival several times and became a resident DJ at Studio Brussel, in addition to performing at other festivals such as I Love Techno and Pukkelpop. She began producing tracks as Raving George in 2013, releasing EPs on Bad Life and Crux Records before scoring a hit with the 2015 single "You're Mine," which featured Oscar and the Wolf (Belgian vocalist Max Colombie).

By 2015, de Witte's sound had switched to a darker, more straightforward brand of techno. She decided to drop her pseudonym and go by her real name, as she had fully established her career and felt no need to hide behind a misleading pseudonym. Her Weltschmerz EP was released by Tiga's Turbo label at the end of 2015, and additional releases soon appeared on imprints like Amazone Records, Mary Go Wild Black, and NovaMute. She maintained a residency at the Brussels club Fuse, and became an in-demand DJ across the globe. She appeared on the cover of DJ Mag in 2017, and recorded an Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 in 2018, shortly before the release of her second NovaMute EP, The Healer.

    Ghent, Belgium
  • BORN
    July 21, 1992

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