About CHAGE and ASKA

The near-legendary J-pop duo Chage & Aska have sold over 30 million records with their simple romantic songs, prone to include a folk influence early on and shifting to mainstream pop over the years. The band's career has spanned several decades, dotted with side projects and hiatuses. The band was formed in the late '70s by Shuji Shibata and Shigeki Miyazaki, both natives of Fukuoka prefecture and, more importantly, singer/songwriters. The single "Banri No Kawa" (1980) was their first big hit, and after that, Chage & Aska continued to build their reputation, which was largely established by 1985 when they released their seventh studio album, Z=One, followed in 1986 by three full-length releases over the course of one year. ~ Alexey Eremenko

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