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About Chaba Fadela

Chaba Fadela (born: Fadela Zalmat) was one of the first stars of the modern Rai era in Algeria. By combining western rhythms and electronic technology to the outspoken, protest-minded, lyricism of Rai, Fadela attracted international attention in the late-1970s and early-80s. Her single, "Ana Ma H'Lali Ennoun (I Don't Like To Sleep)," was a major hit in Algeria in 1979 as was her duet with her husband, Cheb Sahraoui, "N'sel Fik (You Are Mine)," in 1983. Fadela and Sahraoui have continued to perform and record together.

Raised in a poor Jewish neighborhood in Algeria, Fadela launched her musical career as a singer for Boutiba S'ghir's band. Beginning in the late-1970s, she worked with producer Rachid Baba Ahmed, recording in his twenty-four track studio. Fadela and Sahraoui broke through to an international following shortly after emigrating to Paris in the late-1980s and being featured on an influential compilation released on the Earth Works label in 1988. Their debut album, You Are MIne, was released the same year. ~ Craig Harris

Oran, Algeria

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