About Ceredwen

Named after the Celtic goddess of inspiration, the New Age group Ceredwen (pronounced kur-ED-win) consists of vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Renee Gray and songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer Andrew Fryer. Gray hails from South Wales and also plays in the Lucys, a Celtic folk-rock band; Fryer is an Englishman who formed his first band when he was 13 and works as a songwriter and independent record producer. Ceredwen's 1997 debut album O'r Mabinogi was inspired by the tales ancient Celtic storytellers told of their ruler's heroic deeds, and featured real and sampled Celtic instruments like the bodhran, pennywhistle, flute and uilleann pipes along with contemporary rhythms and Gray's vocals. Their follow-up, 1999's Golden Land, followed a similar musical path and used the Druids' fight against the invading Roman army as source material. ~ Heather Phares

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