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Seattle death metal outfit Cerebral Rot have made it their mission to create offensive music both lyrically and musically. Their sound, ostensibly a chaotic, forceful meld of filthy, grimy, old-school death metal combines dissonant, muddy guitar-and-bass riffs drawn from crust punk, d-beat, doom, sludge, and early black metal, atop deliberately doughy, wet-sounding blastbeats and nearly inhuman-sounding guttural vocals offerings songs with titles that include "Swamped in Festering Excrementia" and "Reeking Septic Mass."

The band initially came together in early 2016, comprised of seasoned underground metal veterans: vocalist/guitarist Purveyor of Destruction (Ian Schwab, ex-Warpvomit); bassist Zach Nehl (ex-Chronic Tomb); drummer Drew O'Bryant (ex-Acid Feast), and Fetid/Caustic Wound guitarist Clyle Lindstrom, who came aboard in 2018. Since its lineup all play in other bands, they rehearsed, wrote, and played local gigs whenever possible. In June they privately issued the four-song cassette demo titled Cessation of Life in a limited edition of 20 copies. As word spread across the internet, it came to the attention of Denmark's Extremely Rotten Productions who reissued it in August, and word spread even further. The record was finally given a limited 7" vinyl release by Parasitic Records in September. It sold out instantly. Cerebral Rot began touring across the American West before singing with 20 Buck Spin in the new year and recording their debut long-player with producer Detto Vincent Detto. Mastered by Dan Lowndes, the full-length Odious Descent Into Decay was advanced by the video and streaming single "Repulsive Infestation of Cadaver" before being released in mid-August while the band were on an American tour.

    Seattle, Washington

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