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Drawing inspiration from the likes of Dokken, Iron Maiden, Raven, and Saxon, as well as contemporary New Wave British Heavy Metal outfits like White Wizzard, Enforcer, and the Darkness, melodic Canadian rockers Cauldron garnered international attention thanks to albums like 2009's Chained to the Night and 2016's In Ruin.
Cauldron formed in 2006 following the breakup of the like-minded group Goat Horn. Based out of Toronto, the band features the talents of Jason Decay (vocals, bass), Ian Chains (guitar), and Myles Deck (drums). The trio's 2007 debut EP, Into the Cauldron, caught the attention of Earache Records, which signed the group the following year. Chained to the Night, the band's first studio long player, arrived in 2009, followed in 2011 by their sophomore outing, Burning Fortune. The hard-working group wasted little time in getting their third LP into the hands of fans, releasing Tomorrow's Lost just a year later, followed in 2014 by their second EP, Moonlight Desires. In Ruin, Cauldron's fourth studio album, arrived in 2016 via the End Records, continuing their focus on melodic, engaging metal with a classic feel. The New Gods full-length appeared in 2018 via European label Dissonance Productions. ~ James Christopher Monger

    Toronto, Canada

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