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Compared to Patty Griffin, Iris DeMent, and Nanci Griffith by legendary Radio 2 DJ Bob Harris, singer/songwriter Carrie Elkin's unique sound incorporates alt-country, Americana, and traditional folk with heartfelt poetic lyrics. Born in Cleveland, OH in 1974, Elkin began playing the saxophone and singing at her local church from a young age before competing as a National Champion acro gymnast. After studying physiology at Ohio University, and working as an organic chemist, she decided to concentrate on a musical career, and embarked on a nomadic lifestyle which lasted for over a decade, performing in various clubs and recording several self-funded albums, including 1996 debut Simplicity, 2001's Live at the Front Room, and 2004's The Waltz, before finally settling in Austin, TX in 2007. Following the positive response to her fifth LP, The Jeopardy of Circumstance, she toured both the U.S. and U.K. extensively, appeared on several of partner Danny Schmidt's albums, and signed to Grammy Award-winning folk label Red House Records in 2010, the same year she released her most recognized and critically acclaimed work, Call It My Garden. ~ Jon O'Brien

    Cleveland, OH
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