Carolyn Malachi - Top Songs

All Right (feat. Chelsey Green & Kevin Powe Jr.)
Beautiful Dreamer
Nothing (feat. Marcus Reddick)
Since Yesterday (feat. Theljon Allen)
Fall Winter Spring Summer
Invest in Me (feat. Carolyn Malachi)
Free Your Mind (feat. Tarus Mateen)
Don’t (feat. Tabi Bonney)
Choose Me (feat. Muhsinah)
Ready for the World
The Fence
Summer Cool (feat. Jerel Abraham)
Where I Come From
Everywhere & Beyond (feat. Toshi Reagon, Carolyn Malachi & Be Steadwell)
We Like Money (feat. Michelle Blackwell)
Dwee Doh
We Rising up (feat. Carolyn Malachi)
Love On the Median
Espelho (feat. Carolyn Malachi)
Chapter I: Where You Are (feat. John Malachi)
Free Your Mind
In the Key of Green (feat. Carolyn Malachi)
Sky (feat. Carolyn Malachi)
Call My Name
Stars (feat. Carolyn Malachi & Killiam Shakespeare)
Textual (feat. HHP)
Calling (feat. Carolyn Malachi & Killiam Shakespeare)
We Like Money
Organic Soul
Orion (Way Left Remi) [feat. Kokayi]
Lions, Fires & Squares
No Time to Waste
Palm of the Creator (A Satire)
City Life (feat. Carolyn Malachi)
If You Ever Lay a Hand on Me
Textual (Club Remix) [feat. Claire Hux]
In the Key of Green (feat. Carolyn Malachi) [Substantial Remix]
Fairytales and Wet Dreams