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Carol Rosenberger has made over 30 recordings as a pianist, but her name appears as producer on many dozens more.
Rosenberger's teachers included Webster Aitken and Katja Andy at home in the United States, and the illustrious Nadia Boulanger in Paris, and Baroque scholar Eta Harich-Schneider and theorist Franz Eibner in Vienna. At that same time in Europe, Rosenberger was working hard to restore the mobility and strength in muscles that had been damaged by paralytic polio, which had forced her to delay her debut. She was also fortunate enough to begin teaching at the University of Southern California and elsewhere in the late 1960s, drawing on her own experience to help young performers prepare for performing. She finally made her first professional tour in 1970 and received highly favorable reviews.
Her 1983 solo recording, Water Music of the Impressionists, was praised by several audiophile magazines, and 1989's Perchance to Dream, a disc of lullabies, was hugely successful with listeners. In 1991 Rosenberger received a Grammy nomination for her recording of Howard Hanson’s Fantasy Variations on a Theme of Youth with Gerard Schwarz and the New York Chamber Symphony. She and Schwarz then recorded Hanson's Piano Concerto as well. She has also worked closely and toured with Constantin Orbelian and the Moscow Chamber Soloists. After several years of building her soloist career and her first couple of recordings on Delos, Rosenberger began co-producing albums of all genres -- vocal, chamber, and orchestral music in addition to piano music -- with Amelia Haygood, founder of the label. Rosenberger has said editing a recording "really points out things in the music you never saw before." She is particularly proud of her series of recordings of music with stories for children and her series of music for relaxation featuring both solo piano works and works for piano and orchestra. After Haygood's death in 2007, Rosenberger became director of Delos, while close friend Orbelian became its director of A&R.

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