Carl Stone

About Carl Stone

Carl Stone is a pioneer of sample-based composition as well as live computer music. Based in both California and Japan, he has been composing electro-acoustic music since 1972, and using computers for live performances since 1986. His work often stretches fragments of audio into hypnotic, slowly changing soundscapes, such as the musique concrète drone of 1983's Woo Lae Oak. He is also known for his extended (and often playful) sampling techniques, utilizing drawn-out loops from recordings of Japanese folk songs, American soul and pop music, and other genres. He has released collaborations with Otomo Yoshihide, Tetsu Inoue, and Alfred 23 Harth, in addition to performing with sound artist Miki Yui as Realistic Monk. Using a laptop running Max/MSP, his work has gotten denser and more energetic, with releases like 2020's Stolen Car busy and flashy enough to strike a chord with fans of hyperpop and glitchcore.

    Los Angeles, CA
  • BORN
    February 10, 1953

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