Carl Meeks

About Carl Meeks

b. 1962, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. As a schoolboy, Meeks emulated the singing styles of top Jamaican musicians, and, determined to pursue a career in the recording industry, he realized that he would have to develop his own original style. In the mid-80s he auditioned with George Lemon who released his debut, ‘No More Secrets’, which led to a series of singles. He also worked with other producers, including the prolific Hugh ‘Redman’ James. James was proving to be one of Jamaica’s top producers, releasing smash hits from Clement Irie, Thriller U and Meeks’ 1987 hits, ‘Weh Dem Fah’, ‘Haul And Pull Up Selector’ and ‘Rude Girl Sandra’. By 1988 Meeks performed alongside DJ Daddy Lilly for ‘Lean On Me’, and a classic tale of wasted emotions, ‘Heard About My Love’. As a soloist, Meeks continued to enjoy hits with the conscientious ‘Danger’ and ‘Tuff Scout’.

    Kingston, Jamaica
  • BORN

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