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Political satirists the Capitol Steps formed in Washington, D.C. in 1981. Originally a group of Republican Congressional staffers presenting a show for a Christmas party, the troupe evolved into a bipartisan mix of former staffers and professional entertainers. Their many LPs poke fun at some of the biggest scandals and fiascos in contemporary American politics through a combination of sketches and parody songs.
The Capitol Steps' recording debut, Live! At the Shoreham, emerged in 1984 and included tracks such as "A Loan Again" and "The Wreck of the Walter Fritz Mondale." They followed it with '80s titles like Thank God I'm a Contra Boy (1986) and Danny's First Noel (1989), which concentrated on Vice President Dan Quayle. Their '90s releases included Fools on the Hill (1992), Lord of the Fries (1994), and Unzippin' My Doo-Dah (1998), issued during the second term of President Bill Clinton. One Bush Two Bush Old Bush New Bush (2001) and Springtime for Liberals (2007) were among those to appear during George W. Bush's presidency, and Obama-era titles included Barackin' Around the Christmas Tree (2009) and Desperate Housemembers (2011). After the election of Donald Trump, the Capitol Steps responded with Orange Is the New Barack (2017). ~ Marcy Donelson

    Washington, D.C.

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