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Longtime Boston-area songwriter Geech Sorensen decided to form a band in 1999 after spending most of the decade playing with college friend Keith Gendel (Papas Fritas.) Drafting in friends like singer Miranda Inganni, drummer Eric Herman, and bassist Jeff Wright, Capital City formed as a ramshackle indie rock quartet that year. By the following spring, Near By Music released Start your Own Country, an EP that featured duets between Inganni and Sorensen. The following year was marked by live performances around the area, but by the next spring the band had a new single out and was preparing for their first full length album. A series of compilation appearances and live gigs followed, but Inganni left the group before anything significant could be recorded and new member Walter Blazewicz joined up at the end of the year. Am I Invisible, their debut album, finally arrived in June of 2002 to an enthusiastic indie response. ~ Bradley Torreano

United States of America