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Sweden's Candlemass helped reintroduce the lumbering power chords of Black Sabbath to an entire generation of post-New Wave of British Heavy Metal and post-thrash metalheads, almost single-handedly writing the handbook for the modern doom metal movement in the process. Emerging in 1986 with the landmark Epicus Doomicus Metallicus -- the LP helped coin the genre -- the band issued four more influential albums before ceasing operations in 1994. They reunited three years later and released Dactylis Glomerata, which saw them adopt a more avant-garde approach, but called it quits again shortly thereafter. The group officially re-formed in 2004 and remained at the vanguard of the doom metal scene, issuing a string of acclaimed albums including Candlemass (2005), Psalms for the Dead (2012), The Door to Doom (2019), and Sweet Evil Sun (2022).


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