About Can

Influential German group Can brought an improvisatory approach to rock music, prioritizing textural experimentation and rhythmic interplay over pop hooks. Though its members came from avant-garde backgrounds, they embraced the energy and hypnotic rhythms of funk and psychedelic rock, producing a spontaneous yet highly disciplined form of groove-heavy experimental music. Initially fronted by American artist Malcolm Mooney on 1969 debut Monster Movie, Japanese vocalist Damo Suzuki joined Can for several of their most iconic albums, including Tago Mago (1971) and Ege Bamyasi (1972). The group later flirted with disco rhythms and explored Latin rock and fusion elements, and formally disbanded in 1979. All of its members concentrated other projects, but they periodically re-formed for performances and recording sessions including Rite Time (1989). In addition to numerous reissues and anthologies, several collections of previously unreleased Can material have appeared, including The Lost Tapes (2012).

    Cologne, Germany

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