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About Cameron Brown

b. Cameron Langdon Brown, 21 December 1945, Detroit, Michigan, USA. Although he spent some years studying piano, Brown switched to bass while still at school and later, while studying at university, attracted attention for his playing in a jazz quartet. In the mid-60s he spent some time in Europe, playing with musicians of the calibre of George Russell, Don Cherry and Donald Byrd. On his return to the USA he taught for a few years before becoming a member of the house band at a New York nightclub. In this capacity he accompanied many leading jazz musicians and also recorded with Sheila Jordan before returning to Europe, this time to tour with Archie Shepp in the mid-70s. During this period he also visited Japan with Art Blakey and three years later recorded with Beaver Harris, with whom he had first played in New York some years earlier. In 1979 Brown joined the newly-formed quartet co-led by George Adams and Don Pullen. He recorded with them on Live At The Village Vanguard (1983) and Decisions (1984). During the 80s he was active with bands led by Dannie Richmond, Cherry and Shepp.

Browns enormous technical gifts have always served him well in the often-demanding company in which he has spent much of his performing life. The solid rhythmic pulse he imparts, and his keen sense of time, have been very important in providing an anchor for the freewheeling complexities of the various bands of which he has been an invaluable part. The first album under his own name, together with his band, the Hear And Now, was not released until 2004.