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Calibre 50 are as likely to soundtrack a whisky-fueled romper as a balmy, romantic date night. Originating in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, in 2010, as an offshoot of frontman and accordeonist Edén Muñoz’s earlier project, Colmillo Norteño, the norteño-banda group-–which was initially comprised of members Armando Ramos (guitars, vocals), Martín López (tuba), and Augusto Guído (drums)––quickly found its niche within the growing popularity of romantic banda ballads in Mexico and beyond. The aptly titled Renovar o Morir (2010) (translated as Renew or Die) marked the group’s arrival on the scene—which was as impactful as a 50-caliber bullet. The opening track, “El Infiernito,” served as their first true single, an upbeat corrido clocking in at just over two minutes that is infectious enough to warrant repeated listens. “El Tierno Se Fue,” included in their 2011 sophomore effort, De Sinaloa para el Mundo, would be their first standout number, reflecting the sound that made them a household name: earnest, heart-on-sleeve romantic ballads, punctuated by hard norteño brass and adorned with just the right amount of sexual innuendo. They’d subsequently take this sound to greater heights in songs like 2016’s “Siempre Te Voy A Querer'' and 2019’s “Simplemente Gracias,” two of their most recognizable numbers. The latter features the now-classic line “If you didn’t exist, I would invent you,” a perfect encapsulation of the band’s over-the-top but still irresistible charm.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico