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About Cali y El Dandee

This Colombian duo was formed by brothers Alejandro (Cali) and Mauricio Rengifo (El Dandee), born in Cali in 1988 and 1993, respectively. Boasting a blend of hip-hop, pop, dance, and reggaeton that they like to call Flybot, the brothers scored their first hit in Colombia with Volver, later included on their 2010 debut album. International recognition came in 2011, when their singles (and corresponding YouTube videos) Yo Te Esperaré and No Hay Dos Sin Tres achieved massive success in Spain -- the latter even became the Spanish national team's theme song for the 2012 Euro Cup. 3 A.M., their first international full-length release, was released in Spain in 2012. It combined previously released material with re-recordings of their most popular singles. ~ Mariano Prunes

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