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About C-Bo

Debuting in 1993 with the independent GAS CHAMBER, the Sacramento-born MC known as C-Bo unleashed an explicitly brutal form of West Coast gangsta rap, prefiguring the horrorcore movement. Throughout the 1990s, C-Bo worked relentlessly, releasing an album a year and appearing on 2Pac’s ALL EYEZ ON ME. In 1998, C-Bo became the first rapper to be jailed for his lyrics after his parole officer decided that the content of TILL MY CASKET DROPS substantiated a violation. C-Bo’s ultraviolent rhymes have softened in the new millennium in favor of a traditional O.G. approach. He continues to release solo LPs, compilations, and collaborative albums through his label, West Coast Mafia Records.

Sacramento, CA, United States of America
January 14, 1974