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California ambient artist Brock van Wey, aka bvdub, became a cult favorite on the electronic music scene. Born in 1974 in Livermore, California in the San Francisco Bay Area, van Wey was classically trained in violin and piano as a child. In the early '90s he had an epiphany upon hearing deep house for the first time and decided to pursue electronic music as a career. He soon became a fixture on the Bay Area rave scene as a DJ and promoter, but after a decade he had become disillusioned with the scene and decided to make a completely fresh start. Moving to China in 2001, he settled in the eastern city of Shaoxing and made a living teaching English, but returned to music a few years later. Learning the rudiments of electronic music production from a friend, he released his first album as bvdub, Strength in Solitude, in 2007 through the German netlabel 2600. It laid the blueprint for what would become his signature sound: lush, deep, melancholy ambient, rhythmic but often beatless, consisting of densely layered synth sounds and regularly featuring looped piano melodies and female vocal samples. That year he also launched his own label, Quietus, through which he released several of his albums. Quickly achieving acclaim for the deeply personal and emotional nature of his music, he began to record at a prolific rate. In just over a decade, he put out more than 30 albums on labels such as Home Normal, Darla, N5MD, Glacial Movements, and AY; in 2011 alone he released no fewer than eight full-length albums, though in later years his work rate slowed somewhat. His first vinyl release came in 2017 with Heartless, his fourth album for N5MD. In 2009, van Wey released his first album under his given name, White Clouds Drift On and On, through Echospace; another, Home, followed five years later on the same label. He also released drum'n'bass as East of Oceans and deep house as Earth House Hold. ~ John D. Buchanan