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Beginning in 2007 with Pet Sounds: In the Key of Dee, his crazy-quilt suite of Beach Boys and J Dilla samples, Nathan Jenkins has been among the more adventurous avant-pop producers. As Bullion, he counts One-Handed Music, Young Turks, R&S, and Honest Jon's among the number of respected labels that have issued his 12" output. In February 2016, Jenkins released Loop the Loop, his first proper album, through his Deek Recordings label. A brightly colored exploration of off-center pop with Bill Nelson and Thomas Dolby among the cited influences, it featured background vocalist Sampha and saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings on the title song, as well as the involvement of Deek artist Laura Groves and several additional instrumentalists throughout. Stretching back several years, Jenkins' discography as a remix producer alone is impressive, with credits attached to tracks by Tricky, Model 500, and Django Django, among others. Additionally, Jenkins has recorded with Groves and Tic Zogson as Nautic, and with Jesse Hackett as Blludd Relations. ~ Andy Kellman


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