Bucks Fizz

About Bucks Fizz

Bucks Fizz shot to fame when the U.K. pop quartet won the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest, with the catchy "Making Your Mind Up," a song which also topped their homeland's charts. During the next 12 months they had two further U.K. #1 hits, "The Land Of Make Believe" and "My Camera Never Lies." In 1984, the group was involved in a much publicized tour bus crash which left singer Mike Nolan incapacitated for a considerable period. Although the aptly titled "New Beginning (Mamba Seyra)" returned them to the U.K. Top 10, they never recaptured their former chart success and the group disbanded. Cheryl Baker became a popular British television presenter, while Mike Nolan and Bobby Gee launched rival versions of the band in the mid-'90s.

London, England