About BT

American producer and musician Brian Transeau (who is mainly known by his initials) has led a lengthy, multifaceted career spanning not only dance and pop music, but also software development and compositions for film, television, and video games. Known as a pioneer of trance and progressive house during the '90s, he released ambitious, highly acclaimed work and scored worldwide club hits with tracks like "Blue Skies," his 1996 collaboration with Tori Amos. By the end of the decade, he began moving away from trance and toward nu skool breaks, also achieving success scoring hit films such as Go (1999) and The Fast and the Furious (2001). BT's 21st century albums have ranged from pop-influenced, guest-heavy efforts to experimental, less commercial works like the orchestral This Binary Universe (2006).

    Rockville, MD
  • BORN
    October 4, 1971

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