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Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Bry (real name Brian OReilly) is a singer/songwriter and vlogger known for his pop-infused indie rock songs and D.I.Y. approach to crafting his own songwriting career and promoting his material. He began his career in 2012 performing under the moniker "Bribry", penning his own songs and documenting his progress via his YouTube channel. Operating entirely by himself without a manager, he began exposing his material by booking international trips, tweeting his location, arriving there at a certain time with his guitar, and performing an impromptu set for anyone who turned up. It proved to be a successful strategy, and drew almost 80 people to his appearance in New York Citys Central Park and around 150 in Singapore. This encouraged the young creative to start booking tours of popular venues, resulting in sold-out tours in the U.K. and Australia across 2013 and 2014. During these years, he independently released two EPs; Grow in 2013 and Us in 2014. He also kept busy outside of music, fronting the online charity campaign Cut Cake Not Wrists, which supports young people struggling with self-harm. In 2015, Bry joined Snow Patrol drummer Jonny Quinn's Polar Patrol Publishing and the 13 Artists Entertainment Agency, leading to tours of the U.K., Australasia, and Ireland. Later that year, Bry announced on his joint YouTube channel with wife and fellow vlogger Candice, that they would temporarily relocate to Los Angeles to work with producer Greg Wells (Katy Perry, Twenty One Pilots) on his debut full-length effort. The eponymous record was released in late 2016, and was led by the singles "Youre Alright" (inspired by his older sisters earlier struggle with cancer) and "Dont Go Alone." ~ Rob Wacey

Dublin, Ireland
Feb 16, 1989