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Bruno Coulais

Bruno Coulais

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Born in 1954, Bruno Coulais is a French born film and television soundtrack composer whose first full-length work appeared in 1986 -- the score for the Sebastien Grall film La Femme Secrete. He kept to the television end of film scoring and composition for the next few years, and in 1996 he was to earn his first big marks for his work on the documentary Microcosmos, which won him the 1997 Cesar Award. With this success in tow, Coulais went on to the big screen, and some of the most popular French movies over the next few years featured his work, including the 2001 world-wide hit, Winged Migration. After this brief -- and successful -- foray into cinematics, Coulais went off on his own, composing a children's opera, and delving into collaborative efforts with Akhentaon and A Filetta. But films and television were not left behind completely, and by 2008 -- the year of Coulais' soundtrack to the film MR 73 -- Coulais added another 13 or so credits to his résumé. More followed in the coming years, including soundtracks for 2010's documentary Babies and Jean-Paul Salomé's drama The Chameleon in the same year. ~ Chris True

    Paris, France
  • BORN
    January 13, 1954

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