Bruce Stars - Top Songs

Enjoy Wine Tasting
Velvet Touch
Sweet Truffles
Feel de Amor
Warm Coffee
Lazy Afternoon
Crystal Feelings
Diamond Bar
Lovely Story
Keep Calm
Visit Old Town
Way to Freedom
Love Letter
Take It Smooth
Little Romance
Fresh Destiny
Aperitif Lounge
Flying Butterfly
Sunny Times
Good Morning
Sunday Brunch
Sweet Mugs
Yellow Shop
Meet with Girl
Irish Cream
Magical Moment
Daily Inspiration
Silky Groove
Vanilla Mocha
Heart & Soul
Smooth Ambient
Curious Evening
Emotional Mood
Lovely Session
Passion Blend
Cocktail Lounge
Family Dinner
Delicate Taste
Positive Thoughts
Amazing Weekend
Coffee Time
Date Time
Sweet Lure
Lively Conversation
Candle Light
Life in France
Pure Romance
Happy Days
Breathtaking Night
Astonishing Magic