Bruce Cockburn
Bruce Cockburn

Bruce Cockburn

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Although he's been creating intelligent folk-rock since 1968, and is a respected and popular artist in his home country, Canadian singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn remains something of a cult figure elsewhere. Possessed of a breezy, tuneful alto and sophisticated guitar technique, Cockburn is capable of both quiet reflection (as on his 1979 acoustic minor hit, "Wondering Where the Lions Are") and expansive, ambitious musical presentations. He uses witty lyrics and wordplay to explore political and environmental themes (inspired by his own activism and world travels), as well as more personal and devotional matters. He is uncompromising at both ends of the spectrum, never shy about expressing anger, confusion, joy, and occasional self-recrimination.

    Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
  • BORN
    May 27, 1945

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