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Brother Ali is one of the most prominent rappers on the Rhymesayers label. The Midwest native's proper debut, Shadows on the Sun (2003), arrived after he was a Scribble Jam finalist, and was followed by the Champion EP (2004). The next few years were tough for Ali, a devout Muslim, as he was dealing with a divorce and custody battle. However, it provided fodder for The Undisputed Truth (2007), his first Billboard 200 entry. Us (2009) advocated a return to true hip-hop and was followed by the more politically minded Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color (2012). Following a lengthy break, Ali issued All the Beauty in This Whole Life (2017), one of his deepest and most uplifting works. ~ Marisa Brown

    Madison, WI
  • BORN
    July 30, 1977

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