Broken Baby

About Broken Baby

L.A.-based quartet Broken Baby deliver a snarling and urgent blast of pop-infused post-punk, blasting onto the scene in 2017 with their self-titled debut EP.

Formed by the Damnwells' Alex Dezen and actor and vocalist Amber Bollinger, the duo started making music after Bollinger had been on tour with Dezen in 2017. Throwing all inhibition out the window, the pair started to play their own brand of melodic, yet raw post-punk, delivering their self-titled debut EP that very same year. Naturally, live shows followed in and around L.A., with the duo making a name for themselves with their incendiary performances. The following year a handful of singles appeared in the runup to the release of their debut album, 2018's Broken Baby, with the duo eventually becoming a quartet for live shows. 2019 saw the release of three more singles: "Meat Week," "My Head's a Television," and the bold and brazen "Royal Pigs."

    Los Angeles, CA

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