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About Brian Tarquin

Versatile guitarist Brian Tarquin has enjoyed overlapping careers as a recording artist, composer, author, engineer, studio owner, and record label proprietor. Tarquin was born in New York, New York on December 2, 1965. He took classes at New York's Mannes School of Music and later studied audio engineering at the Center for the Media Arts. After completing his education, Tarquin worked part time at several recording studios (including New York's Electric Lady), and later landed a steady job as an engineer for Look & Company, a company that produced commercial jingles. Tarquin moved on to another New York production music firm, James and Aster, before heading to Los Angeles, where he engineered sessions at Powerhouse Studios and landed short-term jobs with Restless Records and Virgin Records. During this time, Tarquin continued to compose and record library music while making time for his own projects. In 1995 Tarquin landed a record deal with the MCA-distributed Jazz Inspiration label, and the following year he released his debut album, a smooth jazz effort titled Ghost Dance. Unsatisfied with the label's promotion of the disc, Tarquin jumped over to Instinct Records, appearing on the 1997 collection This Is Acid Jazz, Vol. 2. The acid jazz scene would inform Tarquin's next solo album, 1997's Last Kiss Goodbye.

While he continued to record jazz material for Instinct, Tarquin also formed a band called Asphalt Jungle, whose sound grafted electronic music to hard rock. Asphalt Jungle earned a solid payday when their track "Witchcraft" (from their 2002 album Electro Ave.) became the theme song to the MTV series Road Rules. Tarquin and Asphalt Jungle would record a new theme song for the second season of Road Rules, and his career composing music for television shifted into high gear. He became a multiple Emmy Award winner for his work on the daytime drama All My Children, and his music would be featured on the shows Cheers, Friends, Malcolm in the Middle, Seinfeld, and 24, among many others. In 2006 Tarquin launched his own record label, BHP Music, releasing a number of personal projects and a series of Guitar Masters compilations featuring such legendary guitarists as Jeff Beck, B.B. King, and Carlos Santana. Premier Guitar magazine tapped Tarquin to write a regular column for the magazine in 2007; titled "Guitar Studio," the column focused on studio techniques for musicians and recording engineers, and he would go on to write several books on technique and equipment for guitarists. After years of working for production music houses, in 2012 Tarquin opened his own company, TV Film Trax, which featured his own compositions and performances as well as those of Leslie West, Steve Morse, Frank Gambale, Billy Sheehan, and more. Tarquin also operates his own recording studio, Jungle Room Studio, in Brevard County, Florida, and despite his busy schedule he still finds time for his own music. In 2017 he released Orlando in Heaven, a jazz album created to celebrate the memory of the victims of the Pulse nightclub shootings in that Florida community. ~ Mark Deming

New York, NY
Dec 2, 1965