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In the artist’s words: Describe one of your earliest musical memories in detail. feeling touched by rhythm and word on so many levels of meaning then indescribable, now still describing! Find a song of yours on Apple Music that you love and tell us what makes it special. Tell us why you chose this song. “Waiting (The Perfect Flight)” I wrote this song in the 'weird hour' or the 'hour of the wolf' when the night has ended but the day has not begun, in between. Various traditions say it is best to meditate at these times. Writing and singing is a form of active meditation for me! What’s one of the most memorable moments in your career so far? When only a raging thunder storm could get us off the stage, when the folks there kept asking to continue! A street party on Canada Day in Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan. Mother nature took her rightful place as an equally important singer! Is there anything left on your bucket list as an artist or band? Oh yes, so much left to do and accomplish. Would love to play in more theaters. Have many goals, perhaps all ways will, yet remain content as can be as I am!

Toronto, ON, Canada
November 20, 1978
Alternative Folk
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